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Sri Ramodantam - Grammatical Analysis (2 Parts)

Sri Ramodantam - Grammatical Analysis (2 Parts)

Sri Ramodantam Was written by Sri Parameshwarakavi in 16th Century. In 200 Slokas He Presented the Entire Ramayanam. With the grace of Sringeri Ubhaya Jagadgurus I tried to do the anvaya and Gramattical Analysis. The Complete Work is given in 2 Parts. Those Who need Can download it. 

To Download the Sri Ramodantam - First Part

To Download the Sri Ramodantam - Second Part

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Sarravanan Subramaniam



  1. Thanks for your pdf it's very important for me but also important for all thank you so much you done a great job 👏👏👏

  2. Thank you, Shri Sharavana mahodaya.
    As I have started studying Sanskrit in proper manner, I find your blog very useful. Thank you for the free downloads. Your work is noble indeed. अतीव सन्तुष्टः अस्मि। धन्यवादः अपि।।

  3. Sir your blog is very precious for me as it contains great works of your that can help every teacher and student.

  4. Sarravanan Mahoday, aneka koti dhanyavaadah. Bhavathah vyaakarana pustake bahu uttamam sthah. Samskritha pathanthah chhatrebhyah thou pustake amulya bhavathah. Hari Om.


Vivekachudamani (Shlokas 91 to 110)

॥ श्रीमच्छङ्करभगवत्पादविरचितो विवेकचूडामणिः ॥   मूलश्लोक:   बाह्येन्द्रियै: स्थूलपदार्थसेवां स्रक्चन्दनस्त्र्यादिविचित्ररूपाम् । करो...